EBGaramond with maths and pdfLaTeX

The EBGaramond LaTeX package is pretty neat, but is sadly missing a mathematics font companion. There’s ebgaramond-maths, but it has fixed font sizes and the spacing doesn’t seem right. One could use a completely non-garamond font for the maths, but that leads to disturbing artefacts. There are options for those using other engines than pdfLaTeX, but this leads to a loss of microtype functionality. Here’s an easy alternative.

The easiest option I’ve found is to use the URW GaramondNo8 (Aladdin Free Public License) math fonts implemented by newtxmath. The font itself has rather narrow spacing, which I do not particularly like, but for mathematics typesetting it looks fine. The frenchmath option is a nice extra: using upright uppercase symbols breaks the text flow less than using italics.

After installing the garamondx fonts themselves (using getnonfreefonts --sys garamondx), this cheap solution to the Garamond-with-maths conundrum is easily implemented in LaTeX as follows:

\usepackage[frenchmath, garamondx]{newtxmath}